Hot Cup Of Christmas Cheer

Although the weather is starting to (finally) warm up after a very chilly winter here in the land of Oz,  I have Christmas on my mind…even though spring is on its way.

Confused…me too!

Our local department store is setting up its Christmas trees and swimming costume sections simultaneously!!!! Maybe my little bunny should be wearing shades.

Revisiting an old friend

I have been going through my old notebooks and I came across my picture book idea from 2012 PiBold Challenge “Life With The Tree”. It is the story of family life using a tree planted by a couple of newlyweds to illustrate the passing of time.
This is one of the rough sketches for the newlyweds…she looks a bit too “Mumsy” for a newlywed …I think it’s the hair.

Blooming Loveliness



Trying to turn a doodle into a pattern. Still need a bit of tweaking but I love seeing how a black and white image can be transformed with a little bit (or usually a lot in my case) of colour.