So many options

Well as I’m all about adding another string to my bow I came across lots of competitions run by They have weekly design contests and depending on the criteria I think it would be an interesting medium to design for.
I was playing around with patterns a while ago and thought one of my doodles may make a decent fabric swatch. Now I just need a competition that would fit my design.


Valentine’s Day a little early…or late!

Along with all my other big ideas I came across some Greeting Card Companies that are open to submissions by budding artists. Not sure why it never occured to me before that they could be an outlet for my little doodles.
So looking through my notebooks I came across an image that could work for a Valentine’s Day card. A bit early (or late!) I know but it’s little different from my normal style. Would need to be redrawn in Illustrator for print but the web is a wonderful and forgiving medium!

Etsy Here I come

Well… over the weekend I did a bit of online window shopping on
Surely Etsy and Pinterest are the crack cocaine of the online viewing world!

Anywho….I had a flash of inspiration…what if I, myself, me…opened an Etsy shop!
I found many a shop where some clever person has designed some digital art,
poster, crafting product  which shoppers  then purchase and print-off themselves .
Brilliant, inspired, fabuloso! Why could I not eventually  be one of those said clever people.

So.. I set to work..after downloading a trial version of Illustrator CS5 I developed a set of prints. Still in the infant stage…they are based on a design for a Linocut I created a long time.

Something simple, that can be sold as a set or bought as single pieces and added to.
A few more print designs and who knows….

Still doodling away though…


Well..I can’t really take credit for this post. Yes it’s my drawing but the colouring technique is taken from an amazing Illustrator Rachelle Anne Miller.
I played around in Photoshop to try and recreate her technique.
I think it’s going to take a LOT more practice to even get close to her genius.
What I lack in talent I will make up for with sheer bloody mindedness.
This will not beat me!
Rachelle uses a Wacom tablet and probably the latest version of Photoshop.
At least I know what to ask Santa for this year
; )

In honour of today’s weather

A water filled image for a water filled day (week, month, summer!!!!)
This one came about when I had an assignment to use a local business and design an image for their marketing material. I chose a local swim school. It was just black and white image but with the magic of Photoshop…