Etsy Here I come

Well… over the weekend I did a bit of online window shopping on
Surely Etsy and Pinterest are the crack cocaine of the online viewing world!

Anywho….I had a flash of inspiration…what if I, myself, me…opened an Etsy shop!
I found many a shop where some clever person has designed some digital art,
poster, crafting product  which shoppers  then purchase and print-off themselves .
Brilliant, inspired, fabuloso! Why could I not eventually  be one of those said clever people.

So.. I set to work..after downloading a trial version of Illustrator CS5 I developed a set of prints. Still in the infant stage…they are based on a design for a Linocut I created a long time.

Something simple, that can be sold as a set or bought as single pieces and added to.
A few more print designs and who knows….

Still doodling away though…


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