Freddy Prickles

I couldn’t resist one more post before I went to bed. This post is dedicated to Freddy Prickles. Polly’s slightly older twin brother. He really symbolizes (my) Polly’s naughty side. She can be as sweet as can be most of the time but sometimes…you can see her looking for trouble..and when she finds it..look out! Here he is..Freddy Prickles


Introducing Polly Prickles

Well after another couple of busy weeks I have finally managed to slip in an hour to add a new post. As promised in my last entryI meantioned something about a little character (family of characters actually) I have come up with. The idea came to me when my youngest daughter Polly complained that I had written a book about Daisy (her elder sister) but I had created nothing for her. After an afternoon of doodling I came up with a little hedgehog named Polly and all her extended family. I will introduce a new member of the family in each post but for now…here she is…Polly Prickles. A smaller than average hedgehog. Bare in mind these are scanned straight from my sketch book with just a background colour added. Once I’ve shown you each character I’ll go back and add some details. My aim is to use this as a practice in maintaining a consistant look for each character throughout a series of illustrations.

A bit of a change

Well…if I’m doodling usually it’s little girls (I wonder why?!)
but lately I’ve tried to expand my repitoire to all this furry and feathery.


Roll On next Easter…

Well… after a couple of weeks filled with vomit..none of it my own..I am back to it.
Having missed the full joys of Easter I must have been pining when I did these.

Also we’ve had a change in the weather and the changing of these leaves.

Goodbye Sunhat..hello Beanie!