Introducing Polly Prickles

Well after another couple of busy weeks I have finally managed to slip in an hour to add a new post. As promised in my last entryI meantioned something about a little character (family of characters actually) I have come up with. The idea came to me when my youngest daughter Polly complained that I had written a book about Daisy (her elder sister) but I had created nothing for her. After an afternoon of doodling I came up with a little hedgehog named Polly and all her extended family. I will introduce a new member of the family in each post but for now…here she is…Polly Prickles. A smaller than average hedgehog. Bare in mind these are scanned straight from my sketch book with just a background colour added. Once I’ve shown you each character I’ll go back and add some details. My aim is to use this as a practice in maintaining a consistant look for each character throughout a series of illustrations.


8 thoughts on “Introducing Polly Prickles

  1. Good on you for having a goal with this little exercise! I delve into personal projects all the time, and it helps so much to have even the smallest milestone in mind. Maintaining a consistent look for each character, across all mannerisms and expressions, is challenging. I think you’ve done well!


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