Sunday Session

Nothing linking these images apart from the fact I did them today while chilling out in front of the tv.
The first one is part of my MiniJoy series. The inspiration came when I was playing with my girls. They love it when “me the grown up” does something only kids are supposed to do. One of these is skipping (I challenge anyone to skip and remain unhappy whilst skipping) and another is turning cartwheels.

This next one is from my uni days. It’s called “Flying Around In Circles”

and finally…”Sunny side of the street”


Having a Gale of a Time!

Well ever since we’ve made the move south the weather has been the main topic of conversation with whomever I talk to. It’s like ‘Groundhog Day’….
‘Windy Today!’…….. ‘How cold is it?!’………..’Look at those black clouds!’
Yes to all of the above
…..although for 80mins yesterday I was able to leave the house without a coat.

Mini Joy #1…Love You Mummy

Sometimes when your day seems to be going downhill quickly, it can take the smallest thing to change the mood and make you smile. I call these “Mini Joys”.
I am going to put these micro moments of happiness into picture form.
Who knows…I may turn them into a series of Ecards.
Here is my “Mini Joy” for today. A little voice saying “Love You Mummy”
Never fails to work

I’m Baaaaaaaaack!

After a¬†few months that has seen me pack up our family and move interstate I am now back into my doodles. So here I am…coming to you now from Melbourne.To ease the trauma of the move for my girls I have become a cupcake baking machine.
After the 4th batch and the cold weather here in Victoria my mind started to wander…here is the result.

The good thing about moving is that I found all manner of old sketch books in the big pack. Ideas I was playing with years ago and had long forgotten suddenly see the light of day again.