Sugar Overload!

Just back from our very first Trick or Treat.
Interesting with a 3 year old who is going through a ‘Don’t Mess With Me!’ phase
and a tired and emotional 6 year old. Thank God for a sweetie necklace!


Mini Joy #2…..A Nice Cuppa Tea

Just back from being a parent helper at Daisy’s school.
Although I love it, by the end of the 2nd hr with 19 6yr olds I was looking forward to one of these. Hat’s off to Teachers…worth their weight in Tim Tams!

Not enough $$$…….. D.I.Y.

While trawling through some local gift shops I came across some gorgeous art created out of scrap fabric. I loved it, wanted it, needed it but could not afford the $125 price tag. Sooo I came home changed the wording and recreated it in Photoshop with my own little tweaks. I’d like to do a few more cute saying…may add these to my online card shop…once it’s up and running.

A family who Draws together..

Did these whilst sat with my girls colouring in.. If we are all busy together I seem to get more uninterrupted time to doodle. The teddy was me just scribbling but the dolly…the request of Miss Polly!

Disclaimer – this post references to no-one I am related to, know through friends, have a passing acquaintance to or am likely to meet in the future!

After my last post I received a few comments questioning my inspiration.
Who knows where these silly ideas come from…my last post came from watching Everyone Loves Raymond…..NOT from my relationship with my own very lovely Mother-In-Law..Dottie.