OK…I’m Officially obsessed!

Been a while since I last posted….seems like all my recent posts start off this way…but although I have been quiet in my blogging life I have been busy, busy in my actual life.

School holidays, 6th birthday parties, family houseguest, sightseeing…both online and in real life.
Most of my online sightseeing has focused on my favourite illustrators websites and eStores gaining inspiration. My most very, very favourite is fellow WordPress Blogger Doodlemum.

I loooove everything about her work…subject, style, method.

Inspired by her,  I took myself off to the local artshop and spent my precious, weekly takeaway coffee budget on some posh markers. I’ve never actually used them before so my efforts are a bit hit and miss but I like using them nonetheless. Most of my recent doodles have been handcoloured rather than my usual digital method…hope you enjoy the results over the next few posts….Oh and once again..Doodlemum…You Rock!



8 thoughts on “OK…I’m Officially obsessed!

  1. Those hedgehogs are so cute and the bigger illustration of the two girls reminds me so much of my own two daughters when they were little.


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