PiBoIdMo 2012 – Idea #1 Crazy Daisy

Well…here we go!
When I was about 18 I had an idea about a picture book. I’d just started my degree in Illustration but was finding it a little uninspiring. On the looooong commute I’d doodle and jot down ideas. What came about was ‘Crazy Daisy’…a book about a little girl who uses her relationship with her imaginary friend to deal with the scary moments in life. The friend has over the years taken on many incarnations…a giant dinosaur, a parent sized teddy bear but I finally settled on a little girl exactly like my heroine, except braver and smarter!
I finally finished my first manuscript about a year ago and entered it into a Readers Digest writing competition but got nowhere. Undeterred I sent it to Ashton Scholastic this year but still another knockback….so here I am..and here is Crazy Daisy!

“Crazy Daisy” That’s what kids said
“She’s out of her mind”, “It’s all in her head”
But Daisy knew differently, she had a friend
Duffy was with her­, though she was pretend

With long golden hair and eyes bluest of blue
Cheeks oh so rosy and freckles…a few
Such a good friend there never was had
And there she’d appear, when Daisy was sad

Daddy was worried, Mummy was too
They just did not think, that Duffy was true
But what did it matter when such fun was had
As long as our Daisy was no longer sad

Mummy would make enough snacks they could share
Crackers and yoghurt, an apple or pear
Then down on the carpet a picnic was set
As out in the garden the grass was all wet

Now Daisy had trouble with the toilet it’s true
At first with her wees, and then with her poos
With Duffy to help her, she soon got the knack
Mum showed she was pleased with a pat on the back

Dress ups were better with someone to share
No more was she lonely, now they were…a pair
Hide and go seek is much funner with two
Though Duffy was faster at hiding…it’s true

First day at preschool a scary affair
But with Duffy beside her, Daisy just did not care
They painted, they playdohed, they slid and they swung
And soon it was time to be picked up by Mum

Having a bath is no fun alone
With washing and scrubbing and tangles to comb
Our two friends took turns to remove all the muck
Then finished their play with a rubbery duck

Bedtimes were easy now she had a pal
Our Daisy went gladly, she was one happy gal!
Goodbye to the dummy, forget about blankie
Farewell to the bottle, not even a hankie

As long as her Mummy would sing her a song
Duffy would clap, while our girl sang along
Then kisses were given, one for each cheek
And in less than 2 minutes both would be asleep


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