PiBoIdMo 2012 – Idea #2 My Hairy Family

My second PiBoIdMo 2012 idea is based on a series of books concerning the 5 senses.
The first book is based on TOUCH. I see the book having patches of different textures to match the story and make it more interactive. Hopefully I can squeeze out the wording for the other books but for now here is….My Hairy Family

I have a dear old Grandpa, of him I’m very fond
I love to go and visit him, we have a special bond
We see him on the weekends when Mum goes to the shops
Grandma will bake, while we play games, the fun it never stops
Our visits start off nice enough, we laugh and joke around
a magic trick, a slice of cake, but I know where it is bound
When it comes time to say goodbye, I know just what’s in store
a big warm hug, a scratchy cheek, my face all red and sore
I know he doesn’t mean to..he just wants one last squeeze
a warm embrace, he rubs my face..before I get to leave

With Daddy it is different, it starts off nice enough
Our Monday morning snuggle…his face is far from rough
By Tuesday it is still quite soft, on Wednesday more prickly
On Thursday hugs they are a chore, his beard it grows quite quickly
On Friday I am getting scared, his face like a cheese grater
Although I love him very much,  I avoid my darling Pater
On Saturday it is ok no need to remain huffy
A hug from Dad..no longer bad…by now you see he’s fluffy
Sunday morning comes along from Dad I am not hiding
These warm and fuzzy Daddy hugs I am no longer minding

Now this next thing I have to say, it must remain quite private
and if you ask her openly,  I know that she’ll deny it
Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mum, She is a special lady
despite the fact I’ve grown quite big…I’ll always be her baby
Though she will lie..I know the truth, her legs they get quite hairy
you’d never know when she wears jeans but underneath…it’s scary
it doesn’t happen all the time, they’re usually quite bare
but now and then when she’s hard pressed, there is a lot of hair
When we have cuddles tucked in bed… me in my short pyjamas
Mum in her nightdress and fuzzy legs can cause a lot of dramas

So now you know..the secrets out.. about my hairy family
with prickly chins and spiky legs and all things rough and manly
And maybe some day when I’m grown  I’ll be a furry beast
With fluffy face and spiky legs or fuzzy toes at least



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