PiBoldMo 2012 Idea #6 – Just Try it , Tilly!

I seem to spend most of my time trying to convince my 6yr old to try new things.  Whether it’s new foods, new friends, new anything. I thought about a series of books, each with a different hero/heroine trying each new experience until they find the right fit for them. At the moment we are discussing which after school activity she might like to do next year. There are soooo many choices – ballet, gymnastics, soccer, karate, circus skills, piano, choir, nippers the list is endless.
Luckily most activities allow a trial lesson.  At the moment I am doodling the After School Activity Book. It ‘s about conquering your fears, stepping outside your comfort zone, perseverance and realising everyone is good at something.  Not an easy thing to embrace when you are 6!


3 thoughts on “PiBoldMo 2012 Idea #6 – Just Try it , Tilly!

  1. This one rings true with me and my six year old, although her life is mostly about choosing which after school activity to drop, now that she does 8 activities per week… thanks for finding my blog and following x


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