PiBoldMo 2012 Idea #7 – Last Night, I got lost on the way to my bedroom!

All based on a horror time putting my girls to bed last night. Any and all excuses used.
By the time they were tucked in I was ready for bed myself.
Basic Synopsis
“Time for bed xxxx I’ll be up in 2min to tuck you in.”
Boy + Teddy + drink stand at bottom of huge staircase that becomes a mountain range.
Halfway up they encounter angry mountain goat.
Goat subdued with drink.
Arrive at bathroom which has become jungle with hippo instead of toilet, toothbrush stealing monkeys, sleeping pythons.**still working on this part**
Off to bedroom…have to go past dark spare room which becomes a cave with an angry dragon. Boy and teddy sing lullaby to dragon..dragon falls asleep.
Reach bedroom with blue bedroom carpet – a raging river. Only way to get to bed…use piles of toys, story books and dirty clothes as stepping stone to reach bed.
Mum arrives for goodnight kiss to discover boy and teddy asleep..exhausted from all the adventures.


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