PiBoldMo 2012 post #9 – Tom’s Treasures

Kids collect all sorts of cr…rubbish!  Usually it all ends up in their pockets and then the washing machine. It drives me crazy! I’m forever saying ‘Put That Down’ & ‘That is NOT coming in the house’…probably the reason it all ends up hidden in pockets or stashed inside a sock, inside a purse, inside a bag, inside another bag!!! To kids though this unending collection of flotsam is useful…essential even. Maybe they are right. My idea is of a little boy whose pocket treasures find their purpose…a good recycling message.
1. An elastic band that helps his Mum keep her page in her recipe book or street directory
2. An empty biro and piece of blue tac to reach keys lost down a drain
3. An empty Tic Tac box to store beads from a broken necklace
4. A paper clip to fix a broken zip
5. An old shoelace as a makeshift leash to return a run away dog
6. A foreign coin to open a tricky bathroom door lock (I’ve used this last one just the other day!).
Any other suggestions are more that welcome…as long as it will fit in a child’s pocket!


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