PiBoldMo Idea#11 – Story of a Shopping Mall Santa

Just about now across the world an army is massing! That’s right, in hundreds of shopping malls across the world Shopping Mall Santa’s are being put through their paces. The poor man I saw today in our local shops was sat smiling jovially, trying to coax wary, sometimes downright hostile toddlers to sit on his lap to have a photo taken. He’s only been there a week and as far as I can see he has a month of this to come.
My idea is to show the behind the scenes prep and life of one of The Real Santa’s foot soldiers.
Images that pop into my head….
Getting the suit out of mothballs
Getting final instructions from “The Boss”…maybe a medal pinning ceremony before going into battle
Pre Santa stretches – Practicing smiling in the mirror, Ho, Ho, Ho vocal exercises
Sitting in the darkened grotto waiting for the shops to open while the cleaners are still there. Santa doing Cats Cradle …elves reading Financial Review or on a Gameboy
The looooong lines of screaming (and happy) children with samples of Polaroid style Santa photos.
Eating in an empty food court after the shops are closed then sleeping in the dept store bedding section.
SKYPEing The Real Santa with daily updates on children’s requests.
The last 2 pages…hanging up the suit and a party scene filled with all the Shopping Mall Santa’s swapping war stories in civilian clothes (Maybe a luau)
*sketches to come


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