Dedicated to Polly….who can turn food stuffs into Weapons of Mass Destruction




Something silly for a serious subject

The heat wave here in Melbourne has been unbearable at times.
Global warming is making it’s presence felt loud and clear in our neighbourhood.
For someone who has “The Change” to look forward to in the not so distant future, the thought of this heat combined with hot flashes scares the b-cheeses out of me.

Sometimes you come across people determined to be unhappy

Being quite an upbeat/glass is half full type of person I find it draining to come across someone who seems to enjoy being unhappy…they relish…wallow …take perverse pleasure in their misery…to these people I say…

A quick Christmas Recap

Before Santa arrived we had a sucession of Christmas activites to attend. Christmas Concerts, Christmas Light Spotting, Carols by Candlelight. Our favourite was the Beaumaris Primary School Christmas Concert. Each class performed…Daisy dressed in her Christmas themed best sang and danced her heart out!
Being the Mum of 2 little girls, Christmas at the Murray household was epic! Luckily Santa got the gifts spot on. He must have paid close attention to all the begging, pleading, wishing, letters, hints, cajoling, bargaining …and that was just Daddy!
The main pressies were a mini iPad for Daisy (she is 6 and uses them at school!!!!!!!!) and a LeapPad Explorer2 for Polly.
Between ‘Learn Japanese’ apps and Animation Studio games I am having stay on my toes to keep up with my technologically adept kiddywinks. Thank goodness Santa brought some old school toys too.