Well…after getting such positive feedback lately, maybe I got a little cocky.
I submitted another design to Theadless never thinking I would be rejected.
I thunk wrong. Rejection is never an easy thing to take but I guess going from enthusiastic amateur to hoping people will pay for the pleasure (in a purely artistic sense) it was to be expected. stung a bit

The email read

Unfortunately, your submission “MiniJoy #3 – Seeing a Rainbow” was declined.

Here’s why:

We want every design submitted to Threadless to have the best possible chance at being chosen for print. Your submission was declined because we feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot. Want some feedback on your design? Post a thread in the forum to get tips and helpful suggestions from other artists!

We hate declining submissions! We hope you take these decline reasons to heart, use them to rework your submission, and resubmit. We’re looking forward to seeing your new and improved design!

Best wishes, The Threadless Community Team

Very nicely put but still a bit ouchy.

Now I’m not writing this to get a barrage of support….maybe just some honest feedback from some fresh pairs of artistic eyes and to let others out there know…rejection…yes it hurts the ego a bit…but it’s not terminal. Dust yourself off and keep going…that’s what I intend to do.


10 thoughts on “Rejection…..Ouch!

  1. I really like the design….why don’t you try to put on it a little sentence/word/message from one corner to the other of the rainbow (completing the circle) it would be great!!! Lettering like this kiss typography . This design would be great for instance for an ONG for children, for instance, but you have to put on it a message, even a very simple one!
    Anyway, this is just my opinion… but I really want to espresso you I much appreciate your illustrations!
    hope being useful


  2. Ouch indeed and how brave of you to share that. I know how it feels, trust me and all I can say, just keep trying. Ask them for feedback, ask local artists or galleries for feedback and so on but most of all trust your own gut. It is your art, doodles whatever you wish to call it and I can easily see your designs being liked. But I am not an editor or whatever they are called. So.. in short (for someone who is writing a story I struggle a lot at times telling what I think) trust yourself and don’t give up!


  3. I agree rejection hurts. I don’t know why the folks at Threadless rejected your design. I think your work is fabulous. If they are not supportive of artists wanting to submit their work then they will soon find themselves Threadbare.


  4. Well, whatever you do, don’t touch the rainbow. I really love it. I don’t have “artistic” eyes, so I don’t know how it could be improved, but I do know I love your artwork and your artistic style. It captures that feeling of childhood.


    • Goodness. Thank You one and all for your support. I think I’ll try the wording completing the circle idea and try once more with threadless. If they reject it again…well I’m a bit more battle-hardened now so they can bring it!!!!! I promise not to touch the rainbow which is personally my favourite part Thanks again …LjM


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