More Mothers Day Doodles




Getting all warm and Fuzzy

With the imminent arrival of Mothers Day I have been doodling ideas for cute cards.
A lot out there already I know but it makes me happy to doodle these things.

Wealth of Knowledge shared….Thank You

I’m always perusing professional Illustrators websites and blogs. Not just for their inspiring work but seeing if they can give any insights to us mere amateur doodlers about where to start to becoming a person who is actually paid to doodle!. Those Micron pens don’t come cheap you know!!!!

I found Heather Castles blog and am yet to scratch the surface of all the information.
Thank You for being so generous Heather.

Learning How to Commission Illustration

I came across this and thought it might be worth a read…what with me being an Illustration Kindergartener. Hopefully I can learn some do’s and don’ts.
I love the graphic…can be applied to so many aspects of life!