Spring cleaning my brain!

Inspiration can come from some unusual places.

I’ve been feeling quite torn and uninspired about where to focus my energy and limited free time lately. Between my doodling, a recent sewing project (memory blankets for each of my girls made from old baby clothes), fleshing out some of my PiBold ideas, Threadless, Society6, Aagghhh!!!! the list goes on … my brain is a mashed up mess.

To clear my head and take a step back, I found solace in a bit of tidying up. Not most people’s first choice for relaxation granted but I find a bit of a ‘sort out’ very therapeutic.
While going through the various flotsam and jetsam in our house I came across something very exciting…my Rob Ryan plates!!!!
Rob Ryan ceramic collection  Cute: Rob Ryan His and Hers Mug Pair #giftsRob Ryan Believe in People Mug #STASHTEAmuglove  Lovely New Rob Ryan Print - We had everything

Now I have to admit something here.

Hello! My name is Lisa and I am a Rob Ryan addict. I cannot buy anymore of his merchandise otherwise my home will start to look like an outlet store! I love his mix of typography, bold colours and simple lines. Mmmmmmm ….simple lines….time to go back to the drawing board. Hopefully over the next couple of days I can curl up in a quiet spot with a cup of tea, my drawing journal and a handful of pens.


3 thoughts on “Spring cleaning my brain!

  1. Hello, Lisa, my namevis James and I am a Rob Ryan-aholic. I haven’t bought any merchandise for 2 months now… But my wedding anniversary is coming up soon and my wife loves RR too. I think I may be about to fall off the wagon…


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