Experimenting and mixing things up

x2Newly inspired by Rebecca Cool I’ve been playing around with a new style in the view to doing a large artwork for my hallway. I have never used acrylics so I might try to create a more colourful version digitally first to get the colours right..then have a crack on a larger scale.


One Cool Chic!!!!

rebecca_cool rc2
I think it is no secret among my nearest and dearest that I have a small weakness for Pinterest. It has not taken over my life completely……..YET…. but in the near future I may need a 12 step program. Today’s discovery…Rebecca Cool…Artist, Illustrator and Queen of Colour. There is nothing I dislike about her work apart from the fact I don’t own any. Newly inspired I was slaving over a sketchbook today and will upload the results tomorrow.

I’m a Doodlin’ Machine!!!

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Well it was Tuesday yesterday so both girls were at school kinder. After the mountains of washing were done I put my head down and tried to catch up with the rest of the Doodle Day Mayers. Nice to feel pencil in hand again.

Doodle Day Dramas!!!

My blog has taken a bit of a backseat this last month. Sorry!.

Being a Mum and all that entails has engulfed my every waking moment. I usually have to wait till everyone is in bed (husband included) to get in the right head space to even think about doodling. These last few weeks has seen me put the kids to bed and crawl into my own almost immediately….completely spent!

I signed up to Doodle Day May to try to give me the incentive but the flu has had its own claim on my time. But now…finally..here I am…snot free and ready to doodle.
This is my 13th May doodle..the theme was ‘Through a Window’ and this image popped into my mind. The view from our hotel room when we went on our (1 night) honeymoon 18 months ago. Amazing view, amazing food, amazing times…all my memories are…amazing!

Doodle Day May…

I recently joined an online group challenge…’Doodle Day May’
I came across Alison Hertz blog…well I can’t remember how but I did..and it was just the push I needed.
Each day Alison uploads a Drawing Prompt word and then you’re off.
My favourite so far has been DAY 10 – Draw One-Continuous-Line.
Something I would never think to do but becomes quite addictive.

A bit of colour

Added some colour to Mrs & Master Mole. May upload it to my card shop..a bit late for Mothers Day but would be good as a generic Mother Birthday card maybe?!

I’m a Red Bubbler now too

Three exciting things happened this week. One,  Society6 sent me an email saying my “I Like Black” girl has been added to their print shop. Not quite sure what the implications are of this but I’m guessing it means I will reach a bigger audience. Woohoo!

Two,  I have created a little card/print shop on the Red Bubble website.
http://www.redbubble.com/people/lisajaynemurray so for as little as A$2.48 you can buy some of my art and three…I have signed up to Twitter!!!!

Now I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing in regards to Twitter with all the @ and # but I’m fumbling my way through and have …wait for it….6 followers already…none of them related to me in any way so click the link on the right and join the throng!!!