My first ever paid Illustrations

Things have been quiet on the blog front…family life has taken a bit more of my time lately but I have managed to squeeze in my first ever paid Illustration job!!!!!!!
**CUE Applause**

Probably one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve done so far….the sketching….the totally agonising wait for feedback but then the pure joy of hearing how happy my little doodles made someone ….so happy in fact.. they were willing to part with their hard-earned cash!!!

Now what I was paid compared to the hours I put in will not see me buying my wine by the bottle instead of the box yet…but I’m on my way!!!!!

So thank you Vicki James…photographer extraordinaire!

vickijames2  vickijames1

Vickijames2c  vickijames1c


14 thoughts on “My first ever paid Illustrations

  1. Congrats. That’s fantastic news.
    I just finished writing a coming of age poem/book for children/youth. I am looking for an illustrator. I don’t have a book contract or anything, I haven’t submitted anything like that yet and I don’t have image story boards yet. If you could please send me an email and we can discuss the possibilites..
    Again congrats to you!
    Cheers to wine 😉


  2. Oh that is just such a good feeling! Thanks for sharing the moment with us all. Send your client a thank you card with the art work on the front. You never know. Good for you :-}


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