I’m a Red Bubbler now too

Three exciting things happened this week. One,  Society6 sent me an email saying my “I Like Black” girl has been added to their print shop. Not quite sure what the implications are of this but I’m guessing it means I will reach a bigger audience. Woohoo!

Two,  I have created a little card/print shop on the Red Bubble website.
http://www.redbubble.com/people/lisajaynemurray so for as little as A$2.48 you can buy some of my art and three…I have signed up to Twitter!!!!

Now I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing in regards to Twitter with all the @ and # but I’m fumbling my way through and have …wait for it….6 followers already…none of them related to me in any way so click the link on the right and join the throng!!!


5 thoughts on “I’m a Red Bubbler now too

  1. Well I liked Black too. Nice picture. It is one of the best things about blogging– You have a place to tell others that something good happened. Remember the old days when you would have to contrive some way to work it into a conversation, and with a blog you can just say it. Good for you, three new things in your life. :-}


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