Liebster Award gratefully accepted, Thank You.

This post is a big warm Thank You to Gwen and Elinor at
Life, the Universe and would you pass the custard creams?
They have nominated me for the Liebster Award.

In accepting this award they asked me to answer some questions…so here are the answers.

1. Who is your favourite comedian?
It changes but at the moment….. Sarah Millican. She is from my part of the UK and I love the fact that listening to her and her Dad reminds me of all my family. Words like ‘claggy’, ‘flower’ and champion’ are a sad loss to my adult like.

2. Why do you blog? Why did you set it up and what motivates you to keep posting?
Originally, I wanted to find a way back into the workforce on my own terms but felt that after 6 years of motherhood I needed a bit of a creative and confidence boost. The ‘being paid to create’ is yet to happen but to be honest that reason has fallen by the wayside a bit. I keep blogging because the feedback I get makes me feel I’m more that an unpaid skivvy.

3. Is there a song that never fails to get you all emotional, what is it?
Lots of music gets me emotional for different reasons. When, very rarely, watching sport I can cry at nearly all national anthems, patriotic songs and team anthems. ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ & ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ can turn me to a blubbering mess!!!!!
I also have a soft spot for ‘Lately’ by Stevie Wonder.

4. What subject interests you that other people might not know about? (for example do you know all about the 1918 flu epidemic or are you a train spotter?)
Nothing so interesting….but I do have a bit of a passion for an Agatha Christie Mystery…written or on-screen. I love a puzzle!

5. Would you ever consider becoming a politician?


6. What is your favourite kind of cake?
Anything created by the honourable Mr Kipling especially a cheeky Battenburg or Cherry Bakewell.

7. Have you ever freaked out over anything?
I freak out all the time…too numerous to remember a specific incident.

8. Do you secretly watch anything like children’s programmes, if so what?
For pure entertainment I LOVE…BIG BABIES! I highly recommend to all adults.
Being the Mum of a 4 & 6 children’s programmes are my main viewing.
I love from a purely visual point of view… Charlie & Lola, Stella & Sam, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Tilly and Friends & Olivia….all images by great illustrators

9. Where would you like to travel to?
I hate flying and anywhere out of Australia includes a loooooooooooong flight.
I quite like a road trip with little stop offs involving food and wine along the way.
We recently explored a local wine/cheese/fruit producing area for the day with the girls.
We visited a strawberry farm, brewery, cheese factory, goat farm, winery, olive grove and Cidery. To me that was perfection.

10. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Too embarrassing to mention.

11. What is your main method of procrastination?
The Fridge, Pinterest & YouTube….sometimes all at once


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