The Things You do #1

During the school holidays we had the dubious honour of looking after Daisy’s class mascot “Flopsy”,  a large blue bunny. The usual Flopsy visit is over a weekend but much to Daisy’s delight she scored the much coveted school holiday stay. I say dubious honour because Flopsy comes with a proviso. Take him with you while out and about and document your adventures.

After a well needed wash and some emergency repairs to our lodger, we decided to visit our local safari park where after about 5mins poor Daddy ended up carrying him for the rest of the day. You can imagine how pleased he was about this development.


3 thoughts on “The Things You do #1

  1. Our kids brought home a similar item, with a similar proviso, the night before their monthly ‘snack day’ — it was much anticipated and we never forgot it was our snack day! LOVE your work, and thanks for poppping by my blog.


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