Me & My Girls

3girls 3girlsx2
It’s 2nd week back after school holidays and I have 2½hrs to myself to do with as I choose….cook, clean, aimlessly walk around shops touching things I don’t intend to buy…the list is endless!

Sad truth is, the house seems very quiet and lonely with the girls elsewhere.

I’m sure some Mum’s will read this and shake their heads in disbelief but I covet every moment I have with my babies while they are small and adorable. I am all too aware, there will come a time, in the not too distant future, when these golden-haired cherubs will turn into scowling, Emo-type creatures plotting their escape.


4 thoughts on “Me & My Girls

  1. Yes, no matter what you do, or how close you are. One day you will wake up and they will have changed, and your relationship with them will have changed. But I promise you, after a while it will get better again.


  2. As a Grandfather I have come to love the time spent with my grandchildren, and 3 quite young grand daughters especially – I have them right where they want me.
    I have learned that they really don’t escape, it is all a front designed to make us over reach and over react. They are just playing a long game of love.


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