Memories are made of these….

Daisy’s Blanket
Polly’s Blanket

When you have kids you end up with a LOT of baby clothes. Very cute and mostly stained with chocolate or spaghetti sauce! I like to donate what I can to friends and charity shops but sometimes some things are just not up to another wear. I collected my favourite pieces (usually with some gorgeous illustrated applique or button) and took to them with a pair of scissors. I then used blanket stitch to attach these patches to a $5 Ikea throw and “Hey Presto!” a very cute memory blanket. My girls love each of theirs and they will come in very handy now that Autumn is definitely on its way.


Alphabet of Active Animals Continued….

Any animal that is pink is OK in my books but my favourite feature of this fabulous feathered friend is their drinking straw sized legs.

Happy Goats make Tasty Cheese


One of my family’s favourite day trips is down to the Red Hill/Main Ridge area on the Mornington Peninsula. A must see stop for us is the Main Ridge Dairy which is a farmhouse cheese factory and goat dairy. A yummy tasting plate while the girls feed the very happy goats makes for a great day in my books.

Make mess in my house and you mess with me!


I’m a finely tuned cleaning machine at the moment. 11 days out from the In-Laws arriving and my poor ducted vacuum system almost groans when it hears the patter of sand-covered feet as my kids come in from school.  I am sure when we are at the 2 days and counting stage I will have each family member in a hazmat suit (hazardous materials suit) as soon as they walk in the door.

Horsey? Of Coursey!!!

A big Thank You goes out to Michelle at for featuring me on her wonderful website Blog.
Michelle has created a range of gorgeous, quality cashmere cotton baby clothes designed to be a little different to most. Her specially made fabrics and bold colour pallet come with cool names like Palomino, Wild Carrot and Bay!!!. It’s a unique alternative to common pinks and blues (Yawn!!!). Horsey is made for little individuals and is also “Adorabubble!!!”. I just wish she made them big enough to fit me. I have my eye on the Horsey Baby Long Suit in Wild Carrot.