Limiting Myself

I took an old sketch and gave myself a limited colour palette.
It’s sometimes a bit tricky but gels all the elements together.


Adding a bit of Razzle Zazzle to my life

Been a busy little bee this week and branched out to
It just started as a bit of an experiment but has quickly become a major addiction.
They have so many products to design on. The problem is narrowing down my choices.
It takes a little bit to understand how it all works but once you get it….there’s no holding back.

I must say I do prefer the community vibe that comes with Society6.
Artists supporting artists by giving encouraging feedback.

Not sure how I push my profile on Zazzle but it’s only been 3 days and Rome wasn’t built in a day!

I also added links in my blog main menu to each of my stores so if you feel like supporting my mission for world domination hop on over and see if anything takes your fancy.

New product suggestions are also very welcome.

Must dash….I feel the need to zazzle!

One Of My Favourite Things

I am not a car lover as such but the Morris Minor Traveller Estate is my very, very favourite. Looking at it just makes me smile and I wish they made cars again with so much character. It seems to have a definite personality. Can a car be friendly? If yes, then this would be a friend of mine.