Revisiting an old friend

I have been going through my old notebooks and I came across my picture book idea from 2012 PiBold Challenge “Life With The Tree”. It is the story of family life using a tree planted by a couple of newlyweds to illustrate the passing of time.
This is one of the rough sketches for the newlyweds…she looks a bit too “Mumsy” for a newlywed …I think it’s the hair.


2 thoughts on “Revisiting an old friend

  1. Your illustrations are gorgeous. There are a couple of great picture books that use this idea of a tree at the centre. There’s a beautifully illustrated one called “Maple” by Lori Nichols, published this year, and a classic by Shel Silverstein called, “The giving tree”. (I’m never sure if people want to see how someone else has used an idea they have had, but the option is there for you anyway!)
    Good luck with your fantastic goal of earning money doing something you love.


    • Wow…thank you so much. I think it would be foolish of me to assume any idea I have has not been attempted by someone else by now.
      I like to think there is room enough for everyone’s story…embrace and encourage each other.
      It may not be a business savvy mantra but hey…if I was all about making money I certainly wouldn’t be trying to be creative for a living!
      Will check out your 2 finds and thank you again for taking the time to write a comment. It is always appreciated.


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