How Much should I be charging?????


I recently had the opportunity to do some illustration work through a recommendation from an old friend. Always a great way to start!

The brief was to create a cute dental superhero based on a supplied photo and an excellent and very easy to follow brief.

Being new to the whole “paid to illustrate” situation I asked a friend who is already a well established designer to help me with the quoting process, as well and doing extensive research online about what to charge.

Before even sending off a quote I did some preliminary sketches and sent them to my prospective client just to make sure I was “a good fit” for the job. I didn’t want to waste their or my time. They replied with a very positive email saying how excited they were about doing this project together even narrowing down what they wanted from my “roughs” so I could get onto a second draft. They requested a quote for up to 10 various stances so that in the future the little fellow could be animated.

Now here is where it gets a bit sticky. The per hourly rate.

Previously I have re-blogged a post from the wonderful Heather Castles detailing how much to charge for illustrations. I read this, compared her (2007) pricing guide to the advice give from various other sources including my designer friend (who charges $85) and came up with the magic number of

Illustration @ $60 per hour, client amendments @ $30 per hour.

  • Initial sketches x 3hrs
  • Finalisation of sketch to final design x 2hrs
  • Redraw in Illustrator to final digital colour version x 3hrs

Create CMYK/RGB/B&W version for printer/web use x 1hr

I sent the client my quote and their response….nothing.

I have to admit I didn’t chase them…my self belief in my illustrated worth crumbled after day 3 of nothing. I know I should have chased but again…crumbled self belief!!!!

What I would like is some feedback from all other aspiring illustrators. Was I being unreasonable? How much do you charge? This seems a very taboo subject.

Uuuughh…money…I do it for the Loooove Man”  said all the REAL Arty Folk

You know what….That’s all well and good but a Girl’s gotta shout a round of drinks every now and again!!!!!

Finding a straight answer on the “interweb” is challenging without paying for it.
So I thought I’d just straight out ask and hope for the best. So…..

How Much should I be charging?????


4 thoughts on “How Much should I be charging?????

  1. As a graphic designer i think your quote was MORE than reasonable. You would be working like a demon to finish in those times.

    I worry that your initial sketches have been supplied to another who will complete the work for a cheaper price. Think I may have become jaded after so many years. So sick of people wanting everything for nothing. Apparently creatives talent shouldn’t be paid for.

    Stick to your guns but never supply something for nothing. If you want do a deposit that will cover your initial sketches. If people are interested in paying that – they never would have paid you what you deserved anyway.

    Graphic Designer vs client – YouTube

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