For Polly on her Birthday

Well today is my youngest daughter’s birthday. The household is very excited. Of course the birthday girl is happy but my other daughter is probably as equally beside herself. You see  to her…you could replace “Happy Birthday” with “Happy Cake Day” for Daisy. It’s ALL about the cake. Now I am sure she is not alone so this post is dedicated to not only Polly but to Daisy and all the cake lovers out there.


For Pollydolly


My youngest daughter Polly (my baby) turned 5 recently. I don’t know why leaving “4” seems like leaving babyhood behind and onto a new stage because she still seems the same but I was a little sad to say goodbye to 4. She on the other hand woke up bursting with joy telling every person she came in contact with she was a big girl now that she was 5.
She will forever be my little Pollydolly to me though.

I Baked Someone Happy!


Betty Crocker (cake mix company) is promoting a “Bake Someone Happy” competition here in Australia and our entry has been shortlisted. *INSERT APPLAUSE HERE*

The idea is,  you upload a photo of a cake you made using their product that made someone happy. This is our entry…Daisy’s 5th birthday cake. Fingers crossed we win…although I don’t think there is a prize to speak of…except appearing on their advertising…..which is slightly underwhelming to a little girl who imagined a lifetime supply of cake!

That Special Gift for the Wishful Thinker in your Life!

Been playing around with this idea for a while. This is probably the ideal pressie for most of the wishful thinking men in my family so I’m going to upload it onto my Society6 and Redbubble accounts.

A bit of colour

Added some colour to Mrs & Master Mole. May upload it to my card shop..a bit late for Mothers Day but would be good as a generic Mother Birthday card maybe?!