Artists I Love & other Nonsense

the-queen-of-pentacles-prints Teagan White

I have been utterly neglectful of my blog this year and much of late last year.
I have been concentrating on my society6 & Redbubble products & profile but I mean to amend this by not only sharing what I am working on but also on the artists I come across that completely inspire me.

The above image (The Queen of Pentacles) is created one of my absolute favourite illustrators on society6. Teagan White is an American freelance illustrator specializing in intricate drawings of flora and fauna. Her playful use of watercolour to create adorable animal characters  using nostalgic colors, decorative arrangements of organic forms, and meticulous detail makes my heart sing.
See her work and I dare you not to be enchanted.



I’m a bit late in sharing but my little dental superheroes are finished and been very happily received by my¬†client. Introducing…PB and Floss.
Fighting dental emergencies whenever they arise.
Floss-low-res PB-low-res
I’m hopefully going to be a bit better in blogging than I have of late.


My youngest daughter has just started an intensive 2 weeks of swimming with school. I expected her to become a little tired but after only day 2, she emerged from school a zombie version of her normal chipper self. Apparently she almost fell asleep in class. Goodness knows what the end of the week will bring, let alone the end of week 2!

Bollywood Babushka

It’s been a slow start back after school holidays so bear with me!
Even before the school holidays I was busy, busy. I spent a couple of weeks making dance costumes for my daughters Bollywood Dance Class. Lots of colour and sparkle.
Just like my little Bollywood Babushka