The Cat’s Pyjamas

MewMew-Friponne…a pyjama clad puss who enjoys an energetic game of backgammon, her weekly class – car maintenance for the Automysophobic and little naps with her petite pal Souris.



In Need of a Hug?


Meet Hugo Calin. Available for hugs when needed. Been playing around with adding textures and backgrounds to my hand drawn illustrations.
Not sure it works in this case, I think I just need to experiment a bit more.

I have added him to my redbubble and society6 stores.

From Little Things Big Things Grow

I’ve been doing more and more art using Illustrator lately. I wouldn’t say I am an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I do love the scalability and lovely clean lines you get. Here is the latest image I created…available now on Society6.

Revisiting an old friend

I have been going through my old notebooks and I came across my picture book idea from 2012 PiBold Challenge “Life With The Tree”. It is the story of family life using a tree planted by a couple of newlyweds to illustrate the passing of time.
This is one of the rough sketches for the newlyweds…she looks a bit too “Mumsy” for a newlywed …I think it’s the hair.

Lemur Love


Love these guys! Did you know…Lemurs use their long tails for many forms of communication. Ring-tailed lemurs walk with their tails held up high in the air when moving around to keep their families together. Bless!