Look but Don’t Touch!!!

When my eldest daughter Daisy was one, I bought  a Charlie Harper puzzle for her (who are we kidding….. for me) from a local craft market. I saw us playing with it together on the floor, learning letters…appreciating the gorgeous images…bonding.

5 years on and I am yet to allow her to even touch it such is my love of Mr Harper’s beautiful images. BAD MUMMMY!!!!!

In my defence, just after her 1st birthday, she did eat her board book copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Leaving only the front cover! Eric Carle forgive her…she knew not what she did. I dread to think what her younger and crazier sister would do!

And so the puzzle sits on top of the bookshelf in our lounge room…safely boxed and out of reach from sticky fingers but still visible. I get it down from time to time and just admire the colours, the lines, the gorgeousness. I think I may need to buy a second version and let my girls loose on it.