Introducing Sabine Lapin


I am a complete Francophile! I admire the French effortless style and I especially have a love of french kids fashion. I sit for hours on Pinterest drooling over utterly chic French children’s outfits.
I decided to illustrate some of my favourite “looks” by drawing & dressing some cute little creatures. I used pen and ink outlines and then added some colour with watercolour paint and added definition with colour pencil. You will have noticed I have named each character (yes there are more to come) …this is Sabine Lapin (French for Rabbit).


Artist Promotion & New Designs

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Oaks Day #Fashion Fail

This Melbourne Cup Carnival I did my civic duty.
I put on a frock and fascinator and sipped on a (few) glass of sparkling wine at a charity luncheon on Oaks Day at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club.
All monies raised went to a worthy hospital charity. Yay.
Loverly” I hear you say…yes it was… except for one small oversight on my part.

Being a Mum of 2 smallish girls I rarely blow the cobwebs from my substantial collection of high heels but Oaks Day saw my highest and most impractical pair suddenly see the light of day.

Oh they are beautiful. Fuchsia, suede, 7″ stiletto, sling back with tiny bow detailing in patent leather. They even came with a matching clutch! I was feeling especially…well…special.

That is for the first 15 minutes.

After that I have to say I lost all feeling in my toes. My lovely luncheon mates had sensibly chosen footwear that was both stylish and more importantly COMFORTABLE! Not me! All photos of us standing up see me smiling …just. After the first half an hour of mingling I was counting the minutes until they asked us to sit down for lunch. I nearly cheered when the lunch gong sounded. I even limited my fluid intake to make sure I didn’t have to spend too many pennies.

Next year might just see me teaming my race day attire with a pair of UGGs!

Horsey? Of Coursey!!!

A big Thank You goes out to Michelle at for featuring me on her wonderful website Blog.
Michelle has created a range of gorgeous, quality cashmere cotton baby clothes designed to be a little different to most. Her specially made fabrics and bold colour pallet come with cool names like Palomino, Wild Carrot and Bay!!!. It’s a unique alternative to common pinks and blues (Yawn!!!). Horsey is made for little individuals and is also “Adorabubble!!!”. I just wish she made them big enough to fit me. I have my eye on the Horsey Baby Long Suit in Wild Carrot.

Perfect Storm of Gorgeousness

This is not my usual type of post but I just had to share these items which for me are home décor perfection. A pair of Parker chairs & couch (YUM!!!!) covered with new Florence Broadhurst fabric. I heard choirs of angels when I saw these on Vampt Vintage Design’s  Facebook page. If you don’t know about Florence Broadhurst, do yourself a favour and check out her bio. This diversely talented design diva is one of my heroes.

Winter Coat

I came across an image of the cutest winter coat on Pinterest that made me wish I was 4 again. Unless you think a 40ish women could get away with a bunny coat or manteau-de-lapin as I like to call it to make it sound more stylish!!!