“Garden Warrior Come Out To Play-e-ay!”


As I said in my last post, my In-Laws are coming to visit in less than 3 weeks, so my husband is on a warning. Garden and garage needed to be sorted. PRONTO! I sent him to work at the weekend and boy did he deliver!!! Even managing 2 trips to the local hardware super-centre to complete his tasks. I have now decided that my lovely In-Laws are scheduled to visit every 6 months so I get all my handyman tasks completed with zero complaints. I may start making my lists now.


Adding Some Colour To My Day

I started adding some colour to my ‘Fairy Border’ posted in
It is one of those jobs that you think will be finished in no time at all but 2 weeks in and I am still going. Mind you…I am lucky if I get an hour of uninterrupted time onscreen a day thanks to my own 2 busy little fairies. I am yet to add my little garden fairy and poem ….with any luck I may be finished by Christmas! I have added a linen texture behind which seems to make the colours pop. Not sure I will keep it the dove grey colour though…more experimentation needed I think.