2015 so Far

I know I’ve been very quiet on the Blogger front these last few months but on the design front I’ve been a busy little bee on Society 6 and…. thanks to family and friends have sold a few items.
The mugs below became teacher gifts bought by my Aussie friends Sam and Michelle living in Texas for the next 3 years. I miss them greatly and am counting the sleeps till they return. The mugs were very well received and a great gift idea (hint hint).

I love the challenge of coming up with a design that looks good on all products…some more successful than others. I normally start with the cushion version then adapt the image for each product if I can. I find the homewares are where my designs fit best but the T-shirts are really not my bag. It’s always good to know your strengths and be realistic about your weaknesses.

6up MistlePlatesIMG_02996up-dIAMOND+sHROOM6up-LampRune


New In Store…

s6newproducts I know I have been a bit quiet of late. I found it difficult to keep up with the “a post every 2nd day” pace I was doing, especially at this time of the year with all the classroom helping and my kids busy social life. Every now and then though I manage to upload some new designs to my s6 store. Here are my latest designs ready and waiting to be printed on a product of your choosing.

Blog Crush

Have you ever seen someone famous on TV and thought…if only we met…we would be friends? Wishful thinking perhaps! Well, I came across this colour-wielding creative colossus via a friend’s recommendation and it was love at first sight. I am talking about Pilgrim Lee.


A Melbourne mum (like me) who loves a bit of colour (like me!!) and has a weakness for mid-century homewares (again…like me!)
Everything she touches turns to…not gold…more an explosion of rainbow-hued joyfulness.
Her home, her designs, even her son’s birthday parties!!! My admiration for her all-encompassing style knows no bounds! My aim is to develop a style of my own and stick to it just like her. The only problem is….finding it.