Guess What? I’ve joined the kids on Instagram

That’s right Peeps…forget those Kardashian kids….I have now joined the ranks of the “Selfie-obsessed” and opened an Instagram account.  Fortunately for you, you will not encounter any lurid pictures of my various body parts, instead I will share my love of all things colourful, retro and anything adorable.


From Little Things Big Things Grow

I’ve been doing more and more art using Illustrator lately. I wouldn’t say I am an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I do love the scalability and lovely clean lines you get. Here is the latest image I created…available now on Society6.

Tweet, Tweet

I’ve been a bit obsessed with birds lately. Not sure why. I think I will turn my doodles into a nice bright pattern for my Society6 shop. I’ll keep you posted.
birds-2 birds cockeral
I’ve also created some felt birds just like some I had seen on Etsy.

Best Seller

I really love designing patterns. I am surprised which patterns become the most popular on Society6…often not the ones I would have guessed.
The number one best seller by far is my MCM Diamond design.
The inspiration was West German pottery of the 1950’s but with a colourful twist.
1 20071520_1808018-bagtote16_l diamond


I’m a bit late in sharing but my little dental superheroes are finished and been very happily received by my client. Introducing…PB and Floss.
Fighting dental emergencies whenever they arise.
Floss-low-res PB-low-res
I’m hopefully going to be a bit better in blogging than I have of late.