Just The Way You Are

Playing around with the stroke options in Illustrator with this image. Also then added some texture to my little friend in Photoshop.


Blooming Loveliness



Trying to turn a doodle into a pattern. Still need a bit of tweaking but I love seeing how a black and white image can be transformed with a little bit (or usually a lot in my case) of colour.

Lemur Love


Love these guys! Did you know…Lemurs use their long tails for many forms of communication. Ring-tailed lemurs walk with their tails held up high in the air when moving around to keep their families together. Bless!

Life’s Essentials

Lots of things led to this new Society6 piece today…

1. A friend telling me their New Year’s Resolution is “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”
2. This song on the radio…You And Me Song – The Wannadies
3. My beloved hard-working kettle dying this morning BEFORE I had my 1st cup of tea for the day

What are your Life’s Essentials?? Really, I’d love to know….

For Pollydolly


My youngest daughter Polly (my baby) turned 5 recently. I don’t know why leaving “4” seems like leaving babyhood behind and onto a new stage because she still seems the same but I was a little sad to say goodbye to 4. She on the other hand woke up bursting with joy telling every person she came in contact with she was a big girl now that she was 5.
She will forever be my little Pollydolly to me though.