Natural Beauty

I have been working lately on honing my pattern making skills using flowers as my subjects. I discovered a lot of very beautiful Australian Native Flowers that lend themselves easily to repetition and graphical representation. I also thought it might be nice to step away from the usual tulips and daisies that have had their fair share of the spotlight. These patterns have proven to be very popular on my society6 & Redbubble stores quickly becoming some of my top sellers.


Thank You For Being Someone I Can Look Up To

A Fathers Day Card idea.
Belated or Early depending on where you are in the world.

Illustrator…not my usual tool of choice.


Inspired by the beautiful work of Pilgrim Lee I decided to give Illustrator some time and attention. Not my usual artistic weapon of choice (completely due to my complete ignorance as a user) but I do love the clean lines it gives you. I came to the conclusion I wasn’t going to get any better if I didn’t practice so I sat down this afternoon and had a bit of a play. Here is the result.

Re-Plugged & Raring to go!

“Asus, Lisa Jayne’s Laptop. A computer barely alive. Bloggers, we did rebuild him. We had the technology. We had the capability to build the world’s hardest working little laptop. Asus re-plugged will be that computer. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.”

Over the holidays my poor little laptop chucked a wobbly and went on strike! Thanks to a clever friend of my husbands I am back in business, if not a little behind in my posting.
So here we go…
Over the holidays this sight is one that greeted me most days. In 40 degree temps the beach is a welcome respite but in this more educated time of melanoma awareness “sun safe” attire is essential. It helps if the outfits are cute as all get out as well as functional!

Adding a bit of colour to my world

Well, now that Christmas is over I have finally a minute to myself.
I started to add some colour and texture to my juice stand image.
Just experimenting at the moment with brushes..

Busy Bee Business

sandpit rockstar

Been busy again…hell…who isn’t!!!
Part of my busy-ness has been creating some actual paid for Illustrations!
I can’t show you the final approved images but here are 3 of the rejected designs.
My favourite is the tricycle design. What’s yours?

Pink With An Edge!

Ready and waiting!
My new image on my Society6 account.
For a girl who like a little edge to her pink!
Available on lots of different products.