The Things You do #1

During the school holidays we had the dubious honour of looking after Daisy’s class mascot “Flopsy”,  a large blue bunny. The usual Flopsy visit is over a weekend but much to Daisy’s delight she scored the much coveted school holiday stay. I say dubious honour because Flopsy comes with a proviso. Take him with you while out and about and document your adventures.

After a well needed wash and some emergency repairs to our lodger, we decided to visit our local safari park where after about 5mins poor Daddy ended up carrying him for the rest of the day. You can imagine how pleased he was about this development.


Sunday Session.

After a week-long visit from Gasto-asaurus in our household there was very little I had the energy for today (or anyone else in my family thank goodness!!!)

With a trail of toys from one end of the house to the other, I took refuge on the couch watching a Murder Mystery on the iPad and playing with Photoshop.

After watching a tips and tricks video from the Redbubble Blog
I tried creating a halftone screen texturey thing! (As seen on the grass)

I know……I have a way with words!!!!

Not too successful in my application but I’m sure I’ll get better.
It adds a bit of interest anyway.

Adding Some Colour To My Day

I started adding some colour to my ‘Fairy Border’ posted in
It is one of those jobs that you think will be finished in no time at all but 2 weeks in and I am still going. Mind you…I am lucky if I get an hour of uninterrupted time onscreen a day thanks to my own 2 busy little fairies. I am yet to add my little garden fairy and poem ….with any luck I may be finished by Christmas! I have added a linen texture behind which seems to make the colours pop. Not sure I will keep it the dove grey colour though…more experimentation needed I think.

I’m on Threadless…VOTE NOW!!!!

The floodgates have opened and I’m putting myself about (in a purely illustratory way I can assure you) here, there and everywhere (well it feels like it anyway!)
Click on the image above and vote for my design…it only takes a couple of minutes. Even better…sign up and upload your own designs. Why not…you never know if you don’t try!

Closed For Christmas…Back In The New Year

Hi All…
Well it is becoming increasingly apparent that I am not finding the time or energy at this time of year to update my blog so I am taking a break till the New Year.
Thank You for all your support and encouragement.
Hope you all have a safe and Happy Christmas and New Year.
See you in 2013.

There comes a time

bikiniEvery year when the weather gets warmer the thing I dread the most is dusting off the cobwebs to the swimming costume. This year I looked in the mirror and came to the obvious conclusion that a bikini is no longer a friend to me. We’ve had a good run together but at nearly 41 and after 2 children a one piece seems more…seemly.