Mum of 2 living in Melbourne – doodler, shoe lover, looking for a life where I get to colour-in for a living!

Well here I am … Just turned 40. Mum of a 5 and 3 year old and wondering where I go from here!

After designing for years in various disiplines..from studying Illustration…onto typesetting ..then a jump to web design …over to print design…then…motherhood… finding a way back into the workforce without disrupting our family setup too much is a little daunting.

Where do I start…

Well after much soulsearching about what I really want,  I have decided I want to work from home, doing something I am good at and like, hopefully earning a little money in the process.

Is that all I hear you ask???!!!

Well this is where this blogs comes into play.

This is going to be my ongoing online portfolio.

I’ll post what I’ve created each week, hopefully pushing me to design, draw and create new and interesting projects for myself.

Stay Tuned!


89 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lisa, thank you for stopping by my blog – I love what I’ve seen so far of your illustrations, they’re really charming 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing more!
    All the best, Liz


  2. Hi Lisa!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and liking and following❤😃I really appreciate 😃
    What cute blog you have ❤ Happy to know your blog because I love your style illustration ❤


  3. Thank you for liking and following, Lisa. I’ll return the favor. All the best with your life and career. I split my time between raising a daughter and doing my art as well.


  4. Hi… I’m hoping for a little help/advice. I’m not an illustrator or drawer or anything much, but I’m finding the need to put a few drawings on my blog… funny the way expression happens! How do you get your drawings onto your screen? Scanner? some magic device? I’ve resorted to the camera on my tablet, but it’s… well, not great! Thank you!!!
    I’m loving trawling through your blog – the pictures are wonderful!


  5. Hello 🙂 Thanks for the follow on my blog. I’ve checked out your illustrations, they’re adorable! Reminds me of some of my favorite children’s books when I was little. I wish you all the best!


  6. Hi Lisa Jayne Murray,

    Thank you for ‘following’ my page!

    I am in the final phase of re-branding and am looking forward to connecting with everyone on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/tywilsonartist.

    Please take a moment to “like” me over there so that we can stay in touch, as this site will be taken down at the end of the month.

    Have you had a chance to check out my new website? http://www.tywilson.com
    And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @tywilsonartist

    Thanks again for your comments and support. I’ll see you on the other side.

    Warmest regards,


    • Wow…typing this with very juicy eyes. You’ve made my day!
      I’m really glad you like my stuff. It’s a little nerve wracking putting yourself out there in the great wide web.
      Nice to know I’m not treading water out here in this big ocean of creativity alone.

      It’s quite late here in Aus so I will do the whole acceptance rules tomorrow but i couldn’t wait to say Thank You for thinking of me. I will fall asleep with a big smile tonight.


  7. Hello Lisajaynemurry- You have a very talented and creative body of work. It is both delightful and charming, and I appreciate the wide variety of comments you make with your images. It speaks much to the depth of your having observing and responding to life’s intricate moments.
    Thanks for looking in on my site (www.storydoors.com) and giving me the address to finding your works.
    eightdecades (pentalk)


    • Wow…this means a lot coming from someone with such a varied and amazing body of work.
      Before I started blogging I was so scared to put myself out there.
      I’m not sure what I expected to happen but my bravery has been repaid with nothing but kindness and amazing support from all corners of the globe.
      I only hope when I ‘LIKE’ someones work it gives them a little boost to post again.


  8. Hello,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and ‘liking’ my post. Love your illustrations – they beautifully sum up the fun and unpredictability of children and family life! Can’t wait to see more.


  9. Hi we’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award, because we felt you and your blog deserved it. You don’t have to pass it on or anything but we’re really interested in your answers to our questions.
    Gwen & Elinor


  10. Thank you for visiting my site 🙂 I love your artworks and I find them inspiring. Makes me want to pursue a career in illustrating children’s books. 🙂 I look forward to seeing more of your illustrations 🙂


  11. Hello LisaJayne!
    I have been enjoying ‘muchly’ scrolling down through your home page. Keep doing what you are doing because I am sure it is just a short matter of time before your talent takes the web by storm. You have truly lovely illustrations! I wanted to thank you for stopping by our blog and for following us. I’m curious how you discovered our little blog?

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent and equally wonderful tips! Your humour is delightful!
    k- of k&p Catalano


    • Hi guys…came across you through the WPREADER and liked your illustration of the lady with curls. I liked it very ‘muchly’! Just read your ABOUT page and am very impressed. Good luck with all your endeavours being free spirits.


      • Thank you! The pibbles and bits page was an afterthought to relieve the stress of mundane tasks. We’ll probably be adding more as we traipse along the sloggy muck of sorting out our life so we can move onto to full time creative endeavors!
        Really loving your blog!


  12. Wow, you are one inspiring mom! 40 juggling kids and work- Superwoman!:) I like your illustrations, they are charming and like the illustrations that I see on 60s and 70s picture books. And I so like the onesies that you drew.:D I remember not liking onesies as a child as it’s accident prone for me, I was always falling down the stairs for running to greet my dad when he comes home from work. But in the end it also taught me to use the stair railings. I think I fell down the stairs twice before I finally realized that. 😀 Thank you for your illustrations as it’s brought me some good memories today.:D


  13. Good to learn about your blog. Your illustrations are delightful. Even though my children are all older (the last one still home being my 17 year old son), what parent can’t relate to your charming illustrations? They conjure up so many memories and wonderful feelings!


  14. HI Lisa,
    Thank you for following my Lambretta blog, lambrettista,net I appreciate it.
    Hope I keep you interested, informed or entertained, or maybe just one of the three.
    I’ve checked out your illustrations and they have a real charm, lovely stuff. I wish you every success in working from home, all the best,


  15. HI Lisa,
    It’s lovely to discover anyone (but especially Aussies) with such talent.
    Shame you’re not just down the road – although when you mentioned Beaumaris School in one of your posts, I thought you might live near me – in the West…
    I too, love your charming illustrations, exactly the sort I imagine for my chidren’s manuscripts if I only I had a tenth of your talent!
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog today, because I have some time… keep it up. Love everything!
    And thanks for the follow.


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