Natural Beauty

I have been working lately on honing my pattern making skills using flowers as my subjects. I discovered a lot of very beautiful Australian Native Flowers that lend themselves easily to repetition and graphical representation. I also thought it might be nice to step away from the usual tulips and daisies that have had their fair share of the spotlight. These patterns have proven to be very popular on my society6 & Redbubble stores quickly becoming some of my top sellers.



Don’t let these sweet serene looks fool you.
After years of intense Krav Maga training, C-Bomb (as she is known in the more unsavoury circles) can snap your neck last a piece of dry spaghetti. She has an extensive collection of Victorian knuckle dusters and claims she was robbed by Takeru Kobayashi of the 2006 Johnsonville World Bratwurst Eating Championship in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

The Cat’s Pyjamas

MewMew-Friponne…a pyjama clad puss who enjoys an energetic game of backgammon, her weekly class – car maintenance for the Automysophobic and little naps with her petite pal Souris.


In Need of a Hug?


Meet Hugo Calin. Available for hugs when needed. Been playing around with adding textures and backgrounds to my hand drawn illustrations.
Not sure it works in this case, I think I just need to experiment a bit more.

I have added him to my redbubble and society6 stores.

Introducing Sabine Lapin


I am a complete Francophile! I admire the French effortless style and I especially have a love of french kids fashion. I sit for hours on Pinterest drooling over utterly chic French children’s outfits.
I decided to illustrate some of my favourite “looks” by drawing & dressing some cute little creatures. I used pen and ink outlines and then added some colour with watercolour paint and added definition with colour pencil. You will have noticed I have named each character (yes there are more to come) …this is Sabine Lapin (French for Rabbit).

Artists I Love & other Nonsense

the-queen-of-pentacles-prints Teagan White

I have been utterly neglectful of my blog this year and much of late last year.
I have been concentrating on my society6 & Redbubble products & profile but I mean to amend this by not only sharing what I am working on but also on the artists I come across that completely inspire me.

The above image (The Queen of Pentacles) is created one of my absolute favourite illustrators on society6. Teagan White is an American freelance illustrator specializing in intricate drawings of flora and fauna. Her playful use of watercolour to create adorable animal characters  using nostalgic colors, decorative arrangements of organic forms, and meticulous detail makes my heart sing.
See her work and I dare you not to be enchanted.

Stayin’ Alive… 2D

Our VERY green bathroom is extremely dark. I thought it needed brightening up and so not being a knowledgeable green thumb….more serial plant killer, I  impulsively went out and bought a bright pot and a selection of succulents to add a bit of pretty. A few days later all was not well…all my new babies were looking a little sad. It was only then that I thought to look up how to actually care for my new plant babies and GUESS WHAT!!!???? Thanks to the lovely people at I have learnt that succulents need at least 6 hours plus of sunshine a day. In light of this new information I have moved my now happy succulents to a sunny spot and hit the watercolours to create some 2D versions instead. Hopefully these don’t need as much care and attention.

Guess What? I’ve joined the kids on Instagram

That’s right Peeps…forget those Kardashian kids….I have now joined the ranks of the “Selfie-obsessed” and opened an Instagram account.  Fortunately for you, you will not encounter any lurid pictures of my various body parts, instead I will share my love of all things colourful, retro and anything adorable.

From Little Things Big Things Grow

I’ve been doing more and more art using Illustrator lately. I wouldn’t say I am an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I do love the scalability and lovely clean lines you get. Here is the latest image I created…available now on Society6.