Rainy Day Doodle

Been a pretty wet and windy day so I took Polly to the shops….sums up my experience!


View from my sketchbook

Sometimes…I come across a sketchbook of mine, flick through the pages and wonder… what I was drinking when I drew what I did? Sometimes, depending on how long ago the sketch is…I have no memory of doing it.

Here is one of those pages. I recall drawing the top, cute koala I named..’Just out of the pouch’…then things go a bit pear shaped! For some reason we have Kevin – Marsupial on a Mission???? neighboured by Twinkie – The cock-eyed Budgie…..must have been on my third glass by Twinkie I think!

Anyhoo…I’m sure I’m not alone. Where these ideas/inspirations spring from who knows. I’m just glad they do.

Gracie & Smidge Prickles

Meet Gracie and Smidge Prickles. Polly & Freddy’s older sister and baby brother/sister (still not sure which!)
Gracie is quiet, sensible and very calm…only getting involved in a situation when she really has to…Smidge…just wants to be part of all┬áthe action…all the time.
Looking at these sketches I see the little touches I missed to keep my characters consistant…but that’s what first sketches are for!
I see these figures in watercolour in my head but wish I could create what I see in my head on paper. Best be getting my watercolour on! Practice makes perfect