Back In The Good Books.

After my last  ego-crushing  encounter with Threadless (slight over exaggeration here)
I was pleased to see that my ‘Yes Nan’ has just been approved for voting. YAY!!!!
Got a spare 5 mins….hop on over and vote…maybe I’ll see you there!




Well…after getting such positive feedback lately, maybe I got a little cocky.
I submitted another design to Theadless never thinking I would be rejected.
I thunk wrong. Rejection is never an easy thing to take but I guess going from enthusiastic amateur to hoping people will pay for the pleasure (in a purely artistic sense) it was to be expected. stung a bit

The email read

Unfortunately, your submission “MiniJoy #3 – Seeing a Rainbow” was declined.

Here’s why:

We want every design submitted to Threadless to have the best possible chance at being chosen for print. Your submission was declined because we feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot. Want some feedback on your design? Post a thread in the forum to get tips and helpful suggestions from other artists!

We hate declining submissions! We hope you take these decline reasons to heart, use them to rework your submission, and resubmit. We’re looking forward to seeing your new and improved design!

Best wishes, The Threadless Community Team

Very nicely put but still a bit ouchy.

Now I’m not writing this to get a barrage of support….maybe just some honest feedback from some fresh pairs of artistic eyes and to let others out there know…rejection…yes it hurts the ego a bit…but it’s not terminal. Dust yourself off and keep going…that’s what I intend to do.

I’m on Threadless…VOTE NOW!!!!

The floodgates have opened and I’m putting myself about (in a purely illustratory way I can assure you) here, there and everywhere (well it feels like it anyway!)
Click on the image above and vote for my design…it only takes a couple of minutes. Even better…sign up and upload your own designs. Why not…you never know if you don’t try!

Can I have a bite?

While looking through some old photos I found this image and was taken back in an instant to that exact moment. Daisy had a was around the time we were trying to explain the concept of sharing. I asked if I could have a bite of her cookie…she contemplated for quite a long time, then took a small mushy crumb out of her mouth and handed it to me. Fast forward 5 years and nothing much has changed.

MiniJoy#3 – Seeing a Rainbow – NOW FOR SALE

As I am on a roll uploading my designs to printed on society6, I’ve submitted my rainbow image onto It takes a few days to get image approval so hopefully by Monday I will be in the running for people to start voting…eeek. Quite exciting really. Putting myself out there. And I thought starting a blog was scary!

I like Black…now for sale!!!!


Well Tuesday is Kinder-Day which means I have 5.5hrs to myself to focus on my art whilst washing/cooking/cleaning/tidying etc. Today I dusted the cobwebs off Illustrator and redrew my ‘I Like Black’ girl. Took me all day and is now sitting in my shop waiting for someone to print it. Hope fully someone loves her as much as I do.