Roll on the weekend

Some weeks…Friday just can’t come quick enough!


Slow-burn ideas

It’s amazing how some concepts grow along with you.
I first had an idea for a book about a little girl and her imaginary friend when I was 18. A few years later I wrote the first couple of lines and left it at that. Then all of a sudden (8 years later!!!) I am a mother of 2 little girls and the ideas started to flow till I had a manuscript I was happy with.
During this time I had done various doodles to illustrate my story, none I felt quite fit. While clearing out a storage box the other day I came across a VERY old notebook and discovered some of my old sketches from oh so long ago. Although ‘Crazy Daisy’ has been rejected by a number of publishers my girls still love to hear it…what more could I ask for!

Fairwee Dwethupth

Over the school holidays we’ve been watching a lot of old home movies. First steps, first birthdays, 1st day at kinder etc. Daisy & Polly loooove to see themselves on-screen and giggle incessantly at their own funny antics and garbled speech.
By watching these movies I have discovered a, previously unknown, talent I possess. I am a toddler interpreter. What, to the rest of society, seem like an incomprehensible stream of sound I was and hopefully still am able to decipher and relate to the rest of the world. It may seem like a non-essential skill but in the knee-high community…I am invaluable!.

Me & My Girls

3girls 3girlsx2
It’s 2nd week back after school holidays and I have 2½hrs to myself to do with as I choose….cook, clean, aimlessly walk around shops touching things I don’t intend to buy…the list is endless!

Sad truth is, the house seems very quiet and lonely with the girls elsewhere.

I’m sure some Mum’s will read this and shake their heads in disbelief but I covet every moment I have with my babies while they are small and adorable. I am all too aware, there will come a time, in the not too distant future, when these golden-haired cherubs will turn into scowling, Emo-type creatures plotting their escape.

I Baked Someone Happy!


Betty Crocker (cake mix company) is promoting a “Bake Someone Happy” competition here in Australia and our entry has been shortlisted. *INSERT APPLAUSE HERE*

The idea is,  you upload a photo of a cake you made using their product that made someone happy. This is our entry…Daisy’s 5th birthday cake. Fingers crossed we win…although I don’t think there is a prize to speak of…except appearing on their advertising…..which is slightly underwhelming to a little girl who imagined a lifetime supply of cake!

Helloooooo…Spring…Where Are You????!!!!

At the moment Melbourne weather is, to put it kindly, “PANTS!!!”. 140km winds one minute, 2 mins of sunshine the next then a sudden downpour. Can’t wait till I can sit on a bench in the sunshine without the fear of being blown away, drowned or burnt to a crisp.