Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

I have had this song stuck in my head ALL DAY!!!!!!
Damn you Vicar of Dibley episode!!!!


For Mike

This doodle reminds me of my arty friend Mike who is married to my uber-cool friend Polly. He very kindly lent me his WACOM tablet to have a play with. Thank You Mikey! It was really cool to have a play but will take a LOT of practice for me to achieve anything close to competence.

A Bit Stuck for Inspiration

I was a bit stuck for ideas this week so I wrote a list of greeting card categories down and have been trying to come up with ideas based on each subject. This is my “Thinking of You” card.

Hairy Mary…Wallpaper design

Just for fun, I uploaded my previous design (now called Hairy Mary) to Spoonflower. It can become fabric, gift wrap and here is what it might look like as wallpaper. How cool is that!
I still have to work out how I make this available for people to actual buy it but it’s there ready and waiting. Woohoo.