Nearly There




More Old Schoolin’

After 2 weeks of doing nothing but making 26 Bollywood Costumes for my daughter’s dance group I have finally managed to fit in a bit of watercolour work.
I know that some companies like Phoenix Cards prefer traditional not digital art so I thought I would see what some of my favourite images would look like…Old School.
I can not impress how much I enjoyed doing these. The tinkle of a paint brush swooshing around in my water jar was such a familiar and long absent sound in my life.
I hope you like the next few posts as much as I enjoyed doing them.

Hot Cup Of Christmas Cheer

Although the weather is starting to (finally) warm up after a very chilly winter here in the land of Oz,  I have Christmas on my mind…even though spring is on its way.

Confused…me too!

Our local department store is setting up its Christmas trees and swimming costume sections simultaneously!!!! Maybe my little bunny should be wearing shades.