Don’t let these sweet serene looks fool you.
After years of intense Krav Maga training, C-Bomb (as she is known in the more unsavoury circles) can snap your neck last a piece of dry spaghetti. She has an extensive collection of Victorian knuckle dusters and claims she was robbed by Takeru Kobayashi of the 2006 Johnsonville World Bratwurst Eating Championship in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.


The Cat’s Pyjamas

MewMew-Friponne…a pyjama clad puss who enjoys an energetic game of backgammon, her weekly class – car maintenance for the Automysophobic and little naps with her petite pal Souris.


In Need of a Hug?


Meet Hugo Calin. Available for hugs when needed. Been playing around with adding textures and backgrounds to my hand drawn illustrations.
Not sure it works in this case, I think I just need to experiment a bit more.

I have added him to my redbubble and society6 stores.

Introducing Sabine Lapin


I am a complete Francophile! I admire the French effortless style and I especially have a love of french kids fashion. I sit for hours on Pinterest drooling over utterly chic French children’s outfits.
I decided to illustrate some of my favourite “looks” by drawing & dressing some cute little creatures. I used pen and ink outlines and then added some colour with watercolour paint and added definition with colour pencil. You will have noticed I have named each character (yes there are more to come) …this is Sabine Lapin (French for Rabbit).

For Polly on her Birthday

Well today is my youngest daughter’s birthday. The household is very excited. Of course the birthday girl is happy but my other daughter is probably as equally beside herself. You see  to her…you could replace “Happy Birthday” with “Happy Cake Day” for Daisy. It’s ALL about the cake. Now I am sure she is not alone so this post is dedicated to not only Polly but to Daisy and all the cake lovers out there.

A Bit Late or Very, Very Early

With moving house over the holidays I wasn’t able to upload my Christmasy themed illustrations. Rather than see them go to waste, my next 2 posts will holiday themed and maybe we can just pretend that for once I am just really, really prepared….roll on Christmas. Only 310 days to go.