SkADMo 2012 post #19 – Handy Little Friend

Something silly for Friday


SkADMo 2012 post #18 – A Big Hug

No-one is ever too big for a cuddle.


PiBoldMo Ideas #12 – 26

As I’ve been a bit caught up with family I haven’t been posting my ideas BUT they are all jotted down in my faithful sketchbook.
Just to prove I’m still on track…here are my ideas….

#12 – My Smelly Family – interactive Scratch and sniff book..some nice smells..toothpaste, perfume, shampoo…some not so nice…stinky socks, farts, dogs breath!
#13 – My Noisy Family – Interactive button book..crying baby, Mummy singing in the bath, Daddy snoring, dog barking (maybe child records these sounds themselves!)
#14 – My Funny Looking Family – Interactive book…child draws in the faces of each family member based on funny text  or creates funny faces with stickers of funny features provided with the book.
#15 – My Tasty Family – Child asks each family member their favourite and not so favourite tastes…perhaps book comes with a packet of jelly beans in some interesting flavours)
#16 – Mummy I Love you more than…the Mummy version of idea number 3..featuring shoes, jewellery, lipsticks & lip gloss, doll’s & teddy,
#17 – Book Of Spring – A book featuring all things spring related – seasonal food, activities, festivals & holidays
#18 – Book Of Summer – A book featuring all things summer related – seasonal food, activities, festivals & holidays
#19 – Book Of Autumn – A book featuring all things autumn related – seasonal food, activities, festivals & holidays
#20 – Book Of Winter – A book featuring all things winter related – seasonal food, activities, festivals & holidays
#21 – You Don’t Need To Be A Nanna to Enjoy a Nanna Nap – Convincing children everyone needs a nap sometimes by using examples – dogs, cats, Daddy, Mummy, Uncles
#22 – The Warm Spot – Sisters fight over who jumps into the warm spot when someone gets up from couch, Grandad’s special chair,  in Mummy’s bed, on the toilet after Daddy has been…causes lots of fight…Mummy explains there’s one warm spot large enough to share…in her heart…AAAahhhhh!!
#23 – Let’s Go Lucy – All the fun places you take children…the park, the toy shop, the beach, indoor play centre etc…and the drama getting them to leave.
The hidden (reuseable) child sticker on each page is collected and stuck on a card…maybe shaped like a family van…then the card is parked  in the garage (envelope at the end of the book) ready to be reused. Busy ‘Where’s Wally’ type images.
#24 – Sarah’s Stinky Slippers – When dropping off donations to good will with her Mum, Sarah gets much-loved The slippers become super stinky and she takes great joy in the fact by torturing family…including the dog and cat. Sarah finally grows out of them and Mum donates to good will only to have the stinky cycle start all over again for a new family.
#25 – The Boys Next Door – Child moves into a new house. Intimidated by noisy boys next door whom they hear through the fence. The child slowly discovers they have more in common than they realised and they all become friends.
#26 – Adventures in Ikea – For my children IKEA is the most exciting place. To them it means..pancakes for breakfast where a magic conveyor removes their dirty dishes so the robots (their idea) can clean them, rooms set up where they pretend they are the parents, following the maps with arrows on the floor like hunting for treasure, cool flatbed trolleys they drive like a truck stuck in traffic.

SkADMo 2012 post #16 – Lost

After a week of family and friends visiting I seem to have lost my creative way.
My brain had been churning out ideas left and right but for the last 2 days..

**Insert cricket chirping noise and vision of tumble weed here**

Hopefully now things have quieted, my brain will resume its busy workings.