Father’s Day approaching

A quick sketch for a Father’s Day card idea.


What Goes In Must Come Out…


My girls have just discovered the joys of candy floss.

I have tried to be very careful with the sweets the girls are allowed but once in a while when we go somewhere special I relent (mostly so I can partake as well!!!!!)

After a visit to Luna Park we acquired a large bag of bright green candy floss.
There was much laughing and joking about our bright green tongues in the car on the way home. This however was replaced by terrified screams a few hours later when a trip to the toilet resulted in a fluorescent,  almost “glow in the dark” green #2.

The Things You do #2

Last week I went into school to be a literacy helper. A very pleasant job listening to a bunch of 6 & 7 year olds read, despite having to sit crossed legged on the floor. They giggle & smile and vie for the special spots either side of me. I love doing this and try to schedule in a couple of sessions a term.

It being winter, the children spend a large amount of time closeted inside which can affect their ability to concentrate. With this in mind, Daisy’s teacher decided before reading groups it would be a good idea to make the most of a sunny day and get the kids to run around the oval to burn off some energy. Much to my surprise I found myself being dragged off to participate!

Believe me when I say, after 2 laps of the sports oval I was more than happy to sit down crossed legged on the floor. The only worry was…would I get up again!!!!!

Another Lovely Award

Woke up yesterday to another lovely award from fellow blogger Homeschool Crafts.

Thank You Muchly!

Very honoured and after a nightmare day with my kids the day before it was just the little lift I needed.

Now I am not going to tell you 7 things about me because regular readers will probably know more about me already than they care to, thanks to previous awards received!!!!

I will however,  nominate 2 of my favourite fellow bloggers…just because it would be impolite not to.


The Things You do #1

During the school holidays we had the dubious honour of looking after Daisy’s class mascot “Flopsy”,  a large blue bunny. The usual Flopsy visit is over a weekend but much to Daisy’s delight she scored the much coveted school holiday stay. I say dubious honour because Flopsy comes with a proviso. Take him with you while out and about and document your adventures.

After a well needed wash and some emergency repairs to our lodger, we decided to visit our local safari park where after about 5mins poor Daddy ended up carrying him for the rest of the day. You can imagine how pleased he was about this development.

1 year on….

It’s been just over a year since we moved south of the border.
The relocation for our family has been such a positive move.
We miss our oldest and dearest friends and family , of course, but Melbourne has welcomed us with open arms and friendly smiles.

It is hard to believe a year has gone by already! This time last year we were preparing for our first house guest..my beautiful Mother-In-Law Dottie.
I hate to wish the time away but…..we are counting the days till she returns…this time with Poppy Pete in tow.