Guess What? I’ve joined the kids on Instagram

That’s right Peeps…forget those Kardashian kids….I have now joined the ranks of the “Selfie-obsessed” and opened an Instagram account.  Fortunately for you, you will not encounter any lurid pictures of my various body parts, instead I will share my love of all things colourful, retro and anything adorable.


Bee-ing Thankful


I really feel like I am one of the luckiest people around.
I am blessed with the most generous, kind and thoughtful family and friends.
If I sent them a card EVERY time they were so wonderful to my family and I, whole forests would be lost….Decimation by Hallmark!
I’ve decided to create 2 card designs to try to make my “Thank You” just a little more personal and that way I can email instead of post…maybe with a small tagline…”No trees were harmed in the sending of this Thank You“. .


For Polly on her Birthday

Well today is my youngest daughter’s birthday. The household is very excited. Of course the birthday girl is happy but my other daughter is probably as equally beside herself. You see  to her…you could replace “Happy Birthday” with “Happy Cake Day” for Daisy. It’s ALL about the cake. Now I am sure she is not alone so this post is dedicated to not only Polly but to Daisy and all the cake lovers out there.

When Only Wine Will Do!

Well it’s Friday afternoon and as usual it’s a very slow, tired walk home from school after a busy week. I encounter many familiar and some unfamiliar faces on this journey but the universal expression I see is a one I recognize all too well. The “Is it Too Early?” look. Now some of you may be tutting and shaking your head in a superior “Of Course my child eats all 5 food groups” kind of way…but those who are nodding sagely…..I feel, share and acknowledge your pain….Cheers!

Hello 2015!

Yay…back again…2015…hopefully is going to be my year!

Hi…everyone…Happy New Year one and all.
Hope you had a great time off over the holiday break.

The Murray’s had quite a busy and event filled time over Christmas (details to follow in future posts)…hence the late return to blogging.

But I’m back now (hopefully) & ready to go.


My youngest daughter has just started an intensive 2 weeks of swimming with school. I expected her to become a little tired but after only day 2, she emerged from school a zombie version of her normal chipper self. Apparently she almost fell asleep in class. Goodness knows what the end of the week will bring, let alone the end of week 2!